Purchase conditions

1 - Cancellation of orders: 

If after 2 business days from the reservation, we do not receive proof that the corresponding entry of the requested merchandise has been made, an e-mail will be sent notifying you of the possible cancellation of the order, waiting 2 business days for the entry to be made, before the reservation of the order is totally canceled. 

2 - Prices: 

Electronica-Sat, reserves the right to modify the rates and characteristics of the products in force on our website, without prior notice, as well as cancel any order in the event of a typographical error, either in the model of the article or in the price of it.

In the event of price fluctuations or variations in some items, all product reservation orders that have been accepted by us, the prices of said reservation will be respected,  except for typographical errors.

All our products are with prices  VAT INCLUDED . 

The prices and offers that appear on our website will only be valid for online purchases.